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Make a powerful first impression

A successful brand launch should never be looked over. You would never send a rocket into space without preparing the launch, so why do the same to your brand. 


Make a cuppa, sit back, and read our free brand launch guide. You'll be left wondering what all the worry was about. 

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Our guide will show you...

- Where to begin when launching a brand

- How to plan you brand launch

- How to identify key audiences

- How to develop a communications plan

- How to manage your brand migration

- How to launch your brand internally

- How to launch your brand externally

- How to remain consistent

- Take away summary

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Clients thoughts

Every time I use Aimée for my graphics. She has a highly professional, no nonsense approach. She is straight to the point, asking all the right questions to make your vision a reality. The end results is always spot on. Would never use anyone else for graphics. Thank you.



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Meet Aimee

A multi-disciplined designer. Passionate about making a change in the world through the use of Graphic Design.

Currently based in Sydney working as a full-time freelance designer with a variety of design and advertising agencies, in house companies, and personal clients. 


I pride myself in developing projects from outset, through production, to final delivery; ensuring that all work is effective, appropriate, and delivered within agreed time scales.​​​​​​​

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