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Furthering my skills in one of the fastest growing industries

Social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries and an increasingly vital skill set. I am furthering my digital knowledge by studying for a diploma in Social Media Marketing.

Being a 90's kid, I remember rushing home from school to log onto MSN Messenger to chat with my schoolmates on my huge desktop computer, that took up half of the desk, how times have changed. I feel slightly sad to say that I am the last generation that will remember dial-up internet, playing snake on a Nokia 3310, and renting a movie from Blockbusters on a Friday night.

With the revolution of smartphones and the accessibility of the internet, social media is now with us at every moment. Currently, there are now 4.1 Billion active users on social media. It is now the go-to platform to advertise and market products and services.

Social Media gives brands and ordinary people a voice and a presence to be heard. It has revolutionized the way we communicate. Everyone can now have the platform to be heard and potentially on a global scale through followers, sharing, and likes.

What I will be learning

  • The fundamentals of social media marketing

  • How to create engaging and effective marketing content

  • How to develop a social media network strategy featuring both organic posts and paid advertising on Facebook,  Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and more!

  • The art of mastering personal brand on social media

  • How to convert your social media marketing followers into customers

  • How to implement and manage a highly effective email marketing strategy


What will I gain from the course?

When I graduate from the course in June 2021, I shall be able to effectively market businesses and influencers on social media, I look forward to adding social media marketing to my offerings as a business.


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